Student Car Insurance

Car insurance for high school and college students doesn't have to be expensive for young drivers. There are a number of student insurance discounts available for young drivers and those under the age of 25 years old.  It is not uncommon to for insurance premiums to cost more than the vehicle in many cases since they tend to get into more accidents.  Insurance companies have a long history of accidents claims to determine that good students make good drivers since they tend to pay attention to the little details while driving.  A good student driver insurance discount save your 10% to 15% off your insurance premium.  Cheap car insurance doesn't come easy for young drivers and every good discount should be leveraged when researching insurance quotes the best price.

1. Age is a big factor used when calculating student car insurance rate and getting the best insurance rates for young drivers is by far the biggest impediment to buying insurance. Young drivers have far more deaths and accidents than older experienced drivers. The biggest price break comes when a younger driver marries or turns 25 years old. But there are still discounts available.

2. Qualifying high school students with a 3.0 GPA for at least one term throughout the year.  Keeping good grades is key to getting a discount on premium prices.  You may have to provide proof each semester or quarter in order to qualify for this discount. College students under 25 years old should be taking at least 12 credits.

3. Keeping a good driving record is critical with insurance for students.  Traffic tickets or even worse a DUI will cause your premiums to rise and lose out on future discounts.  Taking a driver defensive class can help in some cases to get a small break.

4. As a young adult if your just establishing credit to build a credit score, insurance companies check your credit score to further determine any discounts.  Not paying your bills could negatively impact your credit score and actually increase your premiums.

5. Limiting your driving mileage by not exceeding a certain number of miles during a given period of time.  Some insurance companies offer a "pay as you go" type plan which could lower your insurance premium.

6. If your a college student who lives away from home especially if the school is in another state your insurance rules will be different. This could also mean your insurance rates could be cheaper or more expensive so consulting with an insurance is advisable.  Not disclosing this information may cause a future claim to be denied.  Not listing roommates on your policy also may create a risk in the event they wreck your car, the insurance may ask you to repay the extra premiums and possibly not renew your policy.

Not every car insurance company offers good student insurance discounts. Those who do will discount your cost from 5% to 25% so make sure you compare at least 3 student car insurance quotes when shopping for the best insurance rate and coverage.

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