Car Insurance Cheat Sheet

Latest Car Insurance Cheatsheet, Secrets your Agent and Insurance Companies don't want you to know.

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Basic Insurance essentials, don't pay full price when you can use these tips for cheap auto insurance.

  • The more policies you have the more willing an Insurance company will help you. If that ticket or accident is over 2 years old, call or email the insurance company and tell them to give you and exception or you'll switch insurance companies today.
  • You want to change your auto policy to just liablility but you still owe money to the bank on your car? Call the bank and ask them if you can drop to just liability. Most banks will allow this if you loan balance is below $2000 which can save you major dollars.
  • Do not give the insurance company your Social Security # if you have poor credit. Bad credit is worse than speeding tickets.
  • Select a collision deductable of $750 or higher.
  • Monthly payments using electronic funds transfers (EFT) or electing to pay in full the entire annual amount can get you a 10% discount or more.
  • If you have children under 7 you can get 2% to 3% discount since they figure you will be a safer driver.
  • When purchasing new car insurance pay 7 in advance before you switch insurance companies to get another discount (Not all companies support).
  • Always get a glass buyback program for your windshields. Normally a $100 dollar deductable. Most glass companies will wave up to $100.
  • Don't buy AAA towing when your insurance company offers the same thing for less half.
  • Never make small collision claims. Insurance companies see a $600 dollar accident claim the same as a $50,000 claim.